On a travel day we stop and have a look at Ouimet Canyon

We had thought the northern route on Highway 11 was something to do and now we’ve completed most of it. There is a small bit west of Thunder Bay that we need to do to be able to say we’ve done one of the longest roads in the world – according to Wikipedia this is a misconception…but it’s still a very long road from the shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto to Rainy River. On the way down from MacLeod and where Highway 11 meets up with Highway 17 is Nipigon.

Nipigon - Bridge from viewing platform
From the new lookout, a view of the Nipigon bridge.

This bridge was new to us and was cool to drive over. We found a new lookout as well.

Nipigon - the viewing platorm
The new lookout at Nipigon just off highway 11&17.

This was a fun idea for someone to have thought of…a nice lookout to see the whole area.

Nippigon - Trailer from the top
The rest area under the lookout with our truck and Linda and Hector.

The rest area itself is large and still having some work done. It was a pretty good place to have lunch and will be even better once completed.

Ouimet Canyon - The Sign
The Ouimet Canyon sign.

As we were driving we’d talked about where to camp and we saw Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park…we’d never been, so we looked it up and found that it’s not an overnight campground…but we’d not been yet. So we went! There was a parking lot where we unhooked the trailer as the sign said we should – road conditions – after driving it, we realized that our trailer had done much worse, but some big trailers would mess things up. The parking was small at the top and there would not be room for everyone if they let trailers go up.

Ouimet Canyon - East panorama
Looking towards the east the panorama looked great.

This park had a couple of viewing areas where the platform extended into the canyon.

Ouimet Canyon - Legend of the Indian Head
The legend of the Indian Head.

While we were there a father was reading to his child the story of the Indian Head Rock.

Ouimet Canyon - The Indian Head rock
The Indian Head Rock.

It was cool to see the Indian Head.

Ouimet Canyon - Linda on the bridge with Hector
Linda and Hector on the bridge at Ouimet Canyon.

There was a small canyon on the way to the big canyon and I thought that if this was it, I would be very disappointed.

Ouimet Canyon - West panorama
Ouimet Canyon looking west.

From the next lookout the view was just as lovely and only a little different. The Ouimet Canyon Park brochure said there were Arctic plants growing in the valley that are usually found 1000 km north.

Oumiet - On the bridge Pierre and Hector
Going back across the bridge with Hector.

There is a boardwalk that goes to the viewing lookouts and for some reason Hector went crazy at one point. We wondered what was underneath – but didn’t get a chance to find out.

Thunder Bay - Shopping parking
Thunder Bay shopping mall where Linda walked the dog and I bought too much stuff.

After the stop at Ouimet Canyon we drove to Thunder Bay to refill some grocery stock…I seem to overshoot all the time. We drove on to Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park.