The Agawa Bay Campground and the return home – Fall 2019

Lake Superior - Our campsite
Our campsite at Lake Superior Provincial Park.

When we initially made reservations for Lake Superior Provincial Park, our favourite sites were already taken. We booked one near the highway that gave us a good view of the people leaving on the holiday Monday so that we could get a good site with views. We ended up on an electrical site on the road across the beach.

Lake Superior - Driftwood
I like driftwood and Kim, Linda and Diane are hiding.

The park has some wonderful hikes. One of the first ones we did was along the beach.

Lake Superior - 4 of us on Old Woman Bay hike
The four of us at the top of the Old Woman Bay hike…now called Nokomis trail.
Lake Superior - Linda and Hector on the Orphan Lake hike
Hector and Linda on the Orphan Lake hike.

We met up with our friends from previous years at Lake Superior and did the Orphan Lake hike.

Lake Superior - shore of Orphan Lake
The rocks above led to this shoreline.

Orphan Lake is just a stone’s throw from Lake Superior on the trail.

Lake Superior - view down Orphan Lake
This would be a wonderful place to camp as it is well protected and only few minutes of walking will get a person to the giant lake.

When we’re hiking, I think about what life would have been like a thousand years ago. This location and small lake would make for a good winter home. Well protected from the winds coming off Lake Superior. The small lake would freeze and offer winter ice fishing. There are lots of trees for fuel and places where a person could make a warm camp.

Lake Superior - all of us on the stone beach
We made it to the stony beach and met up with the rest of our friends.
Lake Superior - Steve Deb Margo Bill on the stone beach
This beach is covered in rocks that have been moved around by glaciation. There are so many colourful and beautiful rocks. A great place for a picnic.

With the cool weather, this rocky beach retains the heat of the sun. It’s a wonderful place to stop for lunch.

Lake Superior -.Linda and Pierre on the stone beach
Hiking makes me warm enough to keep wearing shorts.

I never would have thought to take off my hiking boots midpoint on a hike for fear that my feet wouldn’t fit back into the boots. A friend, who is a guide, told us how wonderful it is to take the boots and socks off at a lunch stop. It gives everything a chance to breath. Since the first time I tried this process I have enjoyed the freedom it has given and the second portion of the hike has been much more pleasant.

Lake Superior - Tent and Fire
After the hike we prepared for dinner with a nice fire and the food tent.
Lake Superior - stromy beach
We did have a stormy beach one of the days we were there.

A week at Lake Superior was wonderful and on our way home we had a few stops.

Pancake Bay - our camp
The pull through campsite at Pancake Bay.

Pancake bay was busier than usual this year, but we found adjoining sites with Kim and Diane.

Pancake Bay on the beach
A great feature of the shores of Lake Superior are the sand beaches and the warm sun when it’s out.
Pancake Bay Hector on the beach
I don’t think I’m allowed, but I’ll be good and hide behind the grass.
Lunch Stop on HWY 17
Lunch stop.

One of the things we’ve learned is the importance of stopping for lunch. Much like taking off the hiking boots, the short walk around and the rest from driving is refreshing enough to make the journey much more pleasing and safe.

Chutes - the Chutes
The chutes at Chutes.

Our next stop was Chutes Provincial Park. We found that this is a good stopping point between home and Lake Superior.

Chutes - Kim at one of the falls
Kim relaxing on a hike after a long day of driving.
Chutes - Diane and Linda at the lookout
Diane and Linda enjoying the lookout over the waterfall.
Chutes - one of the many falls
More of the chute.
Chutes - the bridge
Kim on the bridge over the water.

I love the bridges over rapids and falls. Looking down at the rushing water is so calming.

Chutes - the 4 of us
Our hike selfie. I think I put the camera on a branch in a tree..the wind knocked it off a couple of times before this shot.
Chutes - the lookout
Kim is pondering the rushing river.
Samuel De Champlaine - our campsite
Samuel De Champlain Provincial Park campsite.

Our last stop before home. We wanted to check out another campsite at the Samuel De Champlain Provincial Park for another time. We found the non serviced sites we wanted but they were taken. We ended up on a couple of nice sites that were challenging to get into. The fun of RV trailers.