Camperland and beyond – getting in tune with the trailer

Bridal Veil falls L&P

Camperland at Bridal Veil Falls was a nice place to recharge everything and do a beautiful hike up to the falls themselves.

They had good laundry facilities and we made use of them – as we learn the ropes of living out of a travel trailer. We met up again with Deb and Ray who we had met at Sunshine Valley and it was good to see them again. They had some good suggestions last time and this time they had good suggestions as well…where to shop and and get our groceries in Chilliwack and especially Harrison Hot Springs.

We drove to Harrison Hot Springs.

Harrison Hot Springs Linda on the beach

This is a nice resort town with natural hot springs…above is Linda looking down the lake at Harrison Hot Springs beach where lunch was a breeze … literally.

Debora and Ray also suggested Osoyoos…along the way we passed Hedley and Linda wondered if the band Hedley had anything to do with that place…you’ll have to read and ponder as I read the mining in Hedley sign while we ate pizza.

Hadley Pierre eating pizza

We then went to Osoyoos to a park called Haynes Point. This park is a spit of land jutting out in the middle of the lake. We, who hadn’t thought of making reservations found ourselves with an overflow spot at the middle of the spit about 6 ft – 2m – from the lake…to the point where I went fishing just out the door.

Haynes point Pierre fishing

The other side of the spit was beautiful soft rocks and sand… the kind that don’t hurt your feet.

Haynes point Osoyoos Lake panorama

This park is apparently one of the busiest parks in the BC park system. The regular camp sites were almost all facing the lake – amazing.

Haynes point fire cloud

This is cloud-smoke from the fires…looked like an alien ship approaching.

Night at Hayens PP

At night the wind picked up and wow! It was so much fun and cooled us off beautifully. There were good stars and a quarter moon to look at while we contemplated what to do the next day.

Pet peeve of the day: Strange how things bother us sometimes – as many people know, there is a fire ban in almost all of British Columbia – this brings into effect a smoking ban! Yet, we were still seeing people smoking in various parts of the park and throwing their cigarette butts to the wind…infuriating!

Next we head to Kelowna for a wine tour with Distinctly Kelowna Tours and some cool coincidences…