Victoria, Sooke and old friends ….

Victoria and meeting old friends

More catch up…to January 9th 2018

We parked at Fort Victoria RV park, a compromise so that we could access downtown Victoria by bus. Having lived in the core of a city, we’ve always found it easier to park somewhere and take the bus into town. Back in Canada, we had the MiFi with Internet!!! We watched the various countdowns for New Years Eve on CBC.

Victoria -  4 Mile pub

Pub night….

Victoria -  Galloping goose 2

Victoria -  rabbit sign

Found this sign…

We rode our bicycles into Victoria along the Galloping Goose trail; a well maintained bicycle path all the way to the core. My commuter bicycle wasn’t working out so well in our RV life. We rode our bicycles into town and went to the Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC).

Victoria - Galloping Goose Trail

A new mountain bike with big fat tires made it back to the trailer. The folks at MEC were kind enough to store the old bike until I could retrieve it.

Victoria -  Pierre's new bike

Victoria -  Pierre's old bike

A hike around Thetis Lake had been suggested and it turned out to be a great day for it. I took the bus into town after, picked up the bicycle at MEC and rode back to the trailer park.

Victoria - Thetis Lake all trails

Victoria -  Thetis Lake frozen log

There was a thin layer of ice on the lake.

Victoria -  Thetis Lake Hike

Victoria -  Thetis Lake log sublimation

We loved the sublimation from this log.

Victoria -  Thetis Lake

Victoria - Thetis Lake Atbutus

The old bicycle needed a new home. We visited Kevin, a friend I had not seen for 27 years, in Sooke and he welcomed the bicycle.

Sooke - river sign

Great! We loaded up the truck and drove out to the visitor centre where we saw the cross section of a great big tree as well as some of the fabulous sculptures that Kevin makes…we had to sneak back to buy one. It was great to catch up with Kevin.

Sooke - Pierre and Tim


Sooke - Baxter

He has a beautiful dog named Baxter.

Sooke - Tim's house

His rural home is large and beautiful…he is a happy person.

Sooke - Whiffin Spit Park

Sooke - Whiffin Spit Park trail

We went to Whiffin Spit Park for a short hike and he also showed us the hotel that helped start him on the cement sculptures. Such a beautiful town. We also did a a couple of trips to Potholes Provincial Park.

Sooke - Potholes with the river

Sooke - Potholes with water

Sooke - Potholes Island Greenery

Sooke - Potholes

Sooke - Potholes Green

While in Victoria, another friend Mary, was having her first solo art show at the Xchanges Gallery.

Victoria -  xchanges poster


Victoria -  Captain Cooke


We took the bus in and walked around the harbour and through the Empress Hotel. We passed the James Cook statue at the harbour.

Victoria -  Xchanges with mary


Then we visited the show and met up with Mary. You can click here for here website.

We left for Nanaimo and found a gem of a campground.

Nanaimo - campsite