No Gold…so we left…time to head south-O.K.

It was hard to leave the Lost Dutchman as there were so many more hikes to do, but it was time to head south.

Linda had heard of a place called Fourmile Canyon off highway 70 near Aravaipa and we headed down the road toward it…there was a huge bump over the railway, but I went slowly then the road was a combination of washboard, loose large gravel and sand. The park was about 40 miles in…somewhere around the 10 mile mark…we gave up as everything was getting bounced too much. Once on the highway, I pulled over to check the trailer.

Pierre after the trailer mess

Wow! Even the stovetop had launched and was on the ground, also one of the burners had come off. All the cupboards had opened and the food was all over the place, the electronics had fallen and the trailer was a mess!

We’d planned to head back to Gila Box, but as it became dark, we thought we’d look for the nearest place to camp inexpensively.

Haekel Rd. BLM was on the way to Gila Box, but without the tough road…that way we could leave more easily.

Haekel Rd BLM camping scene big photo

This was our field and there was only one other van parked about a kilometre away.

Haekel Rd BLM camping scene picknick

A nice fire ring…missing firewood though.

Haekel Rd BLM camping scene sunset mountains

Then there was the sunset.

Haekel Rd BLM camping scene sunset

Haekel Rd BLM camping scene with truck

And the mountains.

Haekel Rd BLM camping scene

In the morning, we considered about going back to Gila Box or Chiricahua but ended up in Tombstone, AZ.

Tombstone Christmas

With these creatures greeting us.

Tombstone gunfight sort of

There is a mock gunfight in the street for tourists.

Tombstone main street

And of course the stagecoach that takes people up and down with commentary.

Tombstone OK Corral

The location of the gunfight.

Tombstone the OK corral shooting

Tombstone pierre at the ok corral

A few of the Saloons.

Tombstone Saloon

Tombstone the Birdcage

This is the Tombstone Courthouse State Park.

Tombstone thoe Invitation to a hanging

They even had an authentic invitation to a Hanging…

Tombstone Gallows

Of course the gallows…the real ones burnt down a while back and these were made for us tourists.

Tombstone Boothill

The Boothill tourist graveyard.

Tombstobe cemetery

The real Tombstone cemetery.

We head underground next…..