Couldn’t help ourselves…we went camping

This post covers most of May…

We really couldn’t help ourselves. On our way back from Carleton Place, ON we took the Glenora Ferry. Someone we know had written a song called Waiting for the Glenora Ferry…

Glenora Ferry

The ferry connects highway 33 to Glenora and ends up near Lake On The Mountain Provincial Park. We continued on the highway through the lovely town of Picton, Ontario. Realizing that it was getting late…”we have the trailer”…why not go camping!!!!!

Sandbanks Provincial Park was close by…we drove there and looked for a campsite. That was the crazy wind day with gusts predicted up to 60 miles an hour (100km/h). We looked for a spot that didn’t have any trees that could fall on the trailer and found a level one with water nearby. The winds were great to watch and the waves on Lake Ontario were huge…almost worthy of an ocean beach.

Sandbanks first campsite

This was our campsite the next day…open sky and nothing hit our trailer.  We did what we normally do…run all over the campground. Most of the park was closed stil but we were able to run through it.  A beautiful park with lots and lots of sand…thus the name.

When we returned from our run there was a trailer parked directly across from us. This was a campground with about 40 campsites!

Sandbanks second camper

We couldn’t figure it out…maybe they were assigned the spot…We moved!

Sandbanks pierre enjoying the fire

The wind had died down so we went to a well treed area that was still close to the showers. We also had a beautiful fire.

Sandbanks pierre chopping wood

Of course fires demand fuel.

Sandbanks Camping fire

Puck was smart enough to walk away from the fire as it started.

Sandbanks - Linda and Puck

Eventually we had two happy campers!

Sandbanks Linda and Pierre selfie on the dune

The next day we hiked the dunes! Above is the mandatory selfie.

Sandbanks Linda on a dune posing

Linda loves sand dunes.

Sandbanks Linda on a dune

Sandbanks Linda pano

Sandbanks marsh in the dunes

Interesting growth on the sand dunes.

Sandbanks panorama lakeside dunes

We walked on the ridge to see if there was a way to cross the bog between the sand dunes…no luck.

Sandbanks the eaten egg

I don’t know what type of egg it was, but it was washed up on shore and it looked like a bird had feasted.

Sandbanks turtles sunning

We walked another trail and came upon the turtles sunning on a log.

Returning home was nice but we didn’t stay long…