The Camping itch returned….

While we were in Owen Sound (see the previous post), we had hiked  to Inglis Falls.

Owen Sound - Inglis Falls

We hiked on the Bruce Trail to get to the falls.

Owen Sound- Bruce Trail to Inglis Falls

Back in Carleton Place, we realized that we were missing our wonderful hikes and travelling. We started to think about a trip away from our wonderful Carleton Place.

Carleton Place - Okee-Lee trail

Linda walking on the O-Kee-Lee trail in Carleton Place. It’s a short but quaint trail on the North side of the Mississippi River near the town hall.

Carelton Place nighttime look at the town hall

A nice reflection on the Mississippi River of CP Town Hall.

Carleton Place - Pierre with green pepper

We are enjoying our house and the fruits of our sticking stuff in the ground. Here is Pierre holding onto a  freshly picked green bell pepper. Magic!

Travelling bathroom break

But the itch was too strong! We hitched up and left town…this time toward Lake Superior Provincial Park. We stopped along the way for a short break…it’s good to have one’s own facilities when travelling.

Mattawa - Big joe

We stopped in Mattawa to visit Big Joe Mufferaw at the museum.

Matawa Big Joe

Above is the statue and Stompin’ Tom Conners wrote a song about Big Joe.

I found this on YouTube.

Matawa Anchor at the park

Linda went out on a walk and found this anchor in the park behind the sculpture of Big Joe Mufferaw…interestingly as we were leaving the park, we ran into a person who told us that her uncle had carved the sculpture…it’s a small world. 

Samuel de Champlain

Here we are at our first camp on the way to Lake Superior Provincial Park. This is our campsite at Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park. We had initially picked a different campsite but it wasn’t as scenic as the one above; we re-hitched and moved! Just behind the photo is the Mattawa River and the public beach. We were there only one night, so it was easy to ignore the kids…I went out for a run after we arrived and Linda told me there was a screaming kid there most of the time I was gone.

Samuel de Champlain - hike after the run

Linda wanted to go on a hike as soon as I returned and off we went. There was no reason to change after the 10k (6 mile) run. This was on the Kag Trail where there were lots of mushrooms. See the Facebook page for the mushroom photos.

Samuel de Champlain Hike Linda

Linda on the trail.

Samuel de Champlain small lake

This was Gem Lake.

Samuel de Champlain - Dead tree

I thought it was an interesting tree.

Samuel de Champlain - Hike trail Linda

There were some very steep portions on this trail, though most of it was easy. 

Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park - Campsite

I managed to get a reverse view of the site before we left.

Spanish River - bridges
We stopped at the Spanish River bridges for a short break.
Chutes - the falls

Arriving at Chutes Provincial Park…the river still flows. 

Chutes Provincial Park - twin bridges trail - Pierre sneaking chips

And Pierre still sneaks snacks on a hike…OK…Linda was kind enough to sneak the snack on the hike, but I did finish them.

Chutes Provincial Park - Linda at falls

We hiked the Twin Bridges Trail. 

Chutes Provincial Park - worn rock

As I looked at these smoothed out rocks, I was imagining the centuries of water carving them out to be so smooth. Water always wins!

Chutes part two

It’s a lovely campsite, same as last fall as there are no services and few neighbours. It’s right by the falls so you can hear them.

Chutes Provincial Park camp the first time around

No-one complains about our clothes line either.

Chutes Provincial Park - Puck on the boardwalk

Puck the travelling cat followed Linda down to the falls in the morning.

Chutes Provincial Pakr - Park resting before having to climb the stairs

He liked them enough that he didn’t want to go up the stairs back to the campsite.

Pancake Bay campsite dinner facing camp with cat

Of course, when we camped at Pancake Bay Provincial Park, Puck had to go exploring. 

Pancake Bay Lookout trail Linda riding.

Somewhere we read that there was a bicycle trail to the lookout.

Pancake Bay Lookout selfie

It really wasn’t a bike trail! We did it and when we arrived at the bottom of the lookout, the stairs were under repair. We climbed up beside them…and the selfie presented. 

Pancake Bay Lookout hike panorama

The panorama.

Pancake Bay Lookout hike interesting clouds over lake Superior

The clouds on the horizon were an interesting show of what a temperature drop can do.

Pancake Bay lookout Linda
Pancake Bay Pierre at the lookout

It was a beautiful lookout over Pancake Bay.

Pancake bay Pierre riding

The way back was just as fun as the way up; with rocks, roots and other hazards. There appeared to be a different way back on the trail map, so we gave it a try, but when we arrived at what was supposed to be a road, we realized that it was meant for ATV’s and off road vehicles with Kevlar tires.

Pancake Bay - campsite dinner facing the trailer
Pancake Bay - Dinner facing the lake with Pierre

Two views of our dinner table on the beach.

Pancake Bay campsite dinner facing the lake

The candle holder was a gift from our neighbour at home and it made the dinner beautiful.

Pancake Bay beach

The beach walk after dinner…the clouds were starting to roll in… but they didn’t give us the spectacular sunset we were expecting. 

Pierre and his hair 2

Back on the road to Lake Superior Provincial Park Agawa Bay campground…I think Pierre’s hair is trying to escape.