More Borrego Springs and Ghost Mountain

More of Borrego Springs and catching up to February 4th…

Borrego Springs - the elephants

There are 130 or so of these metal sculptures that are scattered around the area. Artist Ricardo Breceda created them for patron Dennis Avery. This link will take you to the Desert USA site about them...we only saw a few and decided that this should be on our next trip.

Borrego Springs -  Al using his binoculars

Above is Al from The Bayfield Bunch scouting out something that happened on the road in. Kelly and Al had heard about a crash from a view point on Montezuma Valley Rd. and asked us if we heard all the sirens the night before and the helicopters? This was a big crash and it was reported that one of the people in the car was 500lb and another one 300lb…thus the helicopters. They also told us about the Julian Pie Company in Santa Ysabel and we had to go…

Borrego Springs - on the way to Julian

This was on the fun road up into the lush valleys with spectacular views.

Borrego Springs - Julian Pie

Where they make the pies…we were too late to watch them make them…but…

Borrego Springs - Pierre eating pie

We were able to eat those delicious pies…we probably should have bought a couple of extras.

Borrego Springs - Viewpoint no skid marks

On the return trip we, we checked out the location where the crash happened. I didn’t see any skid marks leading up to the wall.

Borrego Springs - viewpoint through the wall

Barriers were up where the car went through.

Borrego Springs - Viewpoint landing

The gouge mark of the car. We couldn’t believe that it had already been cleared.

Borrego Springs - Box canyon notes

We visited a place called Box Canyon where settlers and battalions came through.

Borrego Springs - Ghost mountain overview

The Bayfield Bunch also told us about Ghost Mountain and Marshal South. Marshal wanted to escape to the desert and he built this homestead about a mile up a mountain where he and his wife Tanya raised their family from 1930 to 1947…there is a whole book and a movie on it.

Borrego Springs - Ghost Mountain with Linda

We bought the book and Linda is using it to find sections of the homestead.

Borrego Springs - Linda with book on Ghost Mountain

Linda with the map.

Borrego Springs - Ghost mountain panorama

This is the view from the place they called Yaquietpec. I can see why he chose this area.

Borrego Springs - Ghost Mountain sundial

They had a sundial.

Borrego Springs - ghost mountain linda and kiln

A kiln as well.

Borrego Springs - pictograph...not sure

We next went on the Morteros Trail Hike where there were signs of an indigenous society living. At the end there was this pictograph … I think someone had enhanced it to make it more visible.

Quartzsite 2

Thanks to The Bayfield Bunch for the great suggestions and helping us find this wonderful area…we’ll have to come back…but for now…we head towards Quartzsite.