Driving down to Joshua Tree…California…that is…

More catch up to January 30th…

We crossed the border at Abbotsford and had forgotten that we had fruit and vegetables with us. We had not planned on crossing this day and had not purged the refrigerator. The Border Services were professional and nice to us and told us we would not be fined this time but we did lose our fruit and vegetables.

We drove past Seattle and found a Cracker Barrel and a Cabela’s for the night…at 2:00 am a knock came on the door. A meek security person informed us that the owner of the mall does not allow overnights. We packed up and left, finding a rest stop about 20 minutes down the road. We found in Oregon there is an 8 hour limit at the rest stops and this one was well used, but there was a spot open. We felt reasonably safe and stayed. In the morning ate and were back on the road for another long driving day hoping the passes were clear and not icy. We had a new view of Mt. Shasta.

Travel - Shasta Valley View


Travel - Mount Shasta


We made it to Dunnigan area rest stop in Northern California. They also have an 8 hour limit that we took advantage of. Then another long driving day to Barstow and a place called Shady Lanes RV. Retro with nice staff and full hook up…three days on the road and we wanted showers. We were too tired to take photos.

The next day we wondered if we’d make Joshua Tree National Park and find a campsite…the weekend was upon us and we weren’t sure if we’d find a campsite. We were lucky…we first went to Jumbo Rocks Campground but it was far too crowded and the sites were very shallow…the other campsite, Belle is smaller, but then it’s farther away.

Joshua Tree - camp

The entry sign said full, but this secluded site was open!

Joshua Tree - yucca

There were Yuccas here.

Joshua Tree - skull rock

Skull Rock near the Jumbo Rocks camp..there were a lot of people there but patience paid off and I was able to get a photo without anyone sitting in the eye sockets.

Joshua Tree - pano

We of course went on a hike…such a wonderful area.

Joshua Tree - twisty tree

On one of the hikes this fallen tree was so twisted and looked like golden hair…I probably should have something to give reference to the 10 feet of this tree.

Joshua Tree - Keys view

We also drove up Key’s View to have an overlook. You can see Palm Springs near the horizon on the right side of the photo above.

Joshua Tree - night camp

We even had a little tree we could put our solar lights on…we turn them off at bedtime so we don’t annoy our neighbours too much.

Joshua Tree - camp 2

Coffee outside with our new table and chairs.

Joshua Tree - big rock

A drive to Jumbo Rocks and a short hike around.

Joshua Tree - gnarly tree standing

Joshua Tree - gnarley tree

Pine City hike and some of the gnarly trees.

Joshua Tree - lizard on the ground

The brave…

Joshua Tree - hiding lizard

The not so brave.

Joshua Tree - bird on a tree

A watchful eye.

Joshua Tree - big rock standing

The balancing act.

Joshua Tree - far view

I can’t remember the name of the mountain in the background, but it looked amazing.

Joshua Tree - desert driftwood

I don’t know if these trees were burnt or they have just blackened from the sun.

Joshua Tree - various succulents

Of course the Joshua Trees…these are small ones, but there is a forest of larger ones…maybe on the next post… we aren’t done here.

Joshua Tree - trail vista

I also found another reference if you like Joshua Tree – there is more information at this website.

RV Camping in Joshua Tree National Park.