To Borrego Springs…

This post takes us to February 2nd…slowly catching up.

We read quite a few blogs and that helps us decide where to go next. One of our favourites is called the The Bayfield Bunch. We’ve been following Al and Kelly for some time; learning quite a bit about the lifestyle and the wonderful things it brings as well as a little of the thorny side. We noticed in one of their posts that they were in Borrego Springs and Al’s photos looked great. We were in the area so we headed down. There was a lot of BLM land around where we could camp for free. We really wanted a shower and somewhere central to the things we wanted to do. The Bayfield Bunch had stayed at a local Legion and we found the spot!

Borrego Springs - the Legion

Lo and behold….I recognized their vehicles – The Bayfield Bunch was still there!

Borrego Springs - Legion the our camping spot sunset

We managed to get into the legion and get a camping spot on the premises – we don’t always need or want hookups – and they did have a great shower…

Borrego Springs - Our campsite

We didn’t want to disturb The Bayfield Bunch…one of the things about reading blogs, is that while a reader knows a lot about what is going on in the blogger’s life, the blogger of course has no idea who we are or if we are stalkers. So we did our own thing – went hiking.

Borrego Springs - Linda looking over the hellhole trail

We had dinner at the legion and asked about trails in the area. They told us about Palm Canyon and Hellhole Canyon…Linda on the Hell Hole Canyon trail.

Borrego Springs - Blooming Ocatillos on a hike

The ocotillo on the trail were fully leafed and blooming.

Borrego Springs - cool bird

This guy was watching us as we walked – he looks like he’s wearing cool sunglasses.

Borrego Springs - Ocatillo and agave stock

I thought this agave and the ocotillo blooming was cool.

Borrego Springs - More palms

There were these huge palm trees ahead…then.

Borrego Springs - the litte waterfall at the end of Hellhole trail

Borrego Springs - Linda at the end of the hellhole trail

This is Maidenhair Falls at the end of the Hellhole Canyon trail. On the hot day, this area was so refreshing.

Borrego Springs - Pano from Hellhole trail

A view from above the falls towards the lower canyon.

Borrego Springs - warning sign nothing

We saw this waring sign when we first started on the trail. We hoped that something would enlighten us…it did not…until we started on the Palm Canyon Trail.

Borrego Springs - should have been

I guess this is what the other sign should have looked like.

Borrego Springs - on the way to Palm Oasis

Just in case you didn’t get the warning…the sign says…”They didn’t bring enough water”.

Borrego Springs - Palms from far

These palms looked similar to the ones approaching Hellhole canyon…but much bigger.

Borrego Springs - Pierre on rocks

A little rest.

Borrego Springs - The end of one of the trails

Beautiful water in the desert…

Borrego Springs - the big palms

The palms were huge.

Borrego Springs - Linda on the rocks

Linda on the rocks.

Borrego Springs - harsh desert

Something else that didn’t have enough water.

Borrego Springs - legion sunset

The Legion at sunset from our camp.

Borrego Springs - Chains required sign

They leave the signs sideways when not in use…strange…on a curve.

Borrego Springs - the elephants