The Army Run in Ottawa in September and other journeys

This post covers from 23 Sept to some time in November.

Army Run L and P start

We left the house early enough to get to the Army Run on time and take our obligatory selfie at the beginning of the race. It was a cool start and as usual we were most likely a little overdressed.

Army Run parliament from the bridge

At the Army Run on the bridge towards Ottawa…Those are Canada’s parliament buildings on the right.

Army Run Linda on the bridge

Linda on the bridge…far ahead of me.

Army Run - Pierre on bridge

Pierre on the bridge…I am wearing too much clothing at this point. Hard to figure out the outfit for this time of year.

Army Run Pierre

Lots of comments about the hair during the race. Fun…

Army Run Linda at the finish

Linda’s finish!

Army Run - Pierre at Finish

Pierre’s finish.

The video of Pierre’s finish…they even interviewed me after.

Army Run - L and P finish

At the finish line.

Army Run L and P with minister

With Canada’s Minister of Defense.

Army Run - L and P bear and army guy

With the Army guy and the mascot.

Little Lake - escape tucked away

The trailer wanted to go out…we drove to Kim and Diane’s and parked in their driveway. It’s a good thing we have a small trailer; it’s a pretty tight turnaround.

Little Lake - Puck on a path

Puck is being a big cat in the forest exploring.

Little Lake - strange mushroom

We found this grey mushroom in the forest and have not been able to identify it…strange white circle on the top.

Gravenhurst - bu the little church

It was “Open Doors” weekend around Gravenhurst, ON and we stopped by this cute church.

Gravenhurst - inside the littel church

It is maintained by volunteers and they have done a fine job of keeping it functional.

Gravenhurst - Linda at the pier

At the Gravenhurst pier with the tour boat arriving.

Gravenhurst -The Segun

The Segwun, built in 1887 is North America’s oldest operating coal fired steamship. We didn’t tour on it this time, but it will be a nice tour for next year.

Little Lake - Escape trailer vent seal

I found it a little breezy in the bathroom and thanks to Kim’s tall ladder I found the seal had fallen and degenerated. Luckily he also had some weather-stripping and we were able to repair this bathroom vent.

Little Lake - Puck on the dock

Puck on the other hand…was wondering what all this water was about…maybe a fish or two…hmmm

Carleton Place-Heron on the Mississippi

Back in Carleton Place on the Mississippi – there was this heron just standing there with the couple of ducks watching.

Pakenham - looking at the church

A fall drive to Pakenham and one of its churches.

Pakenham - 5 span bridge

The Pakenham 5 Span Bridge is a local heritage site built in 1903.

Carleton Place - little potato

Back at home…we had lots of tomatoes that were delicious…the rest of the crops didn’t do so well…this was the only potato.

Gatineau - Linda by the lake

A beautiful day in Gatineau Park and we started to talk about getting a dog.

Einkorn Organics

I had read a book about how modern wheat is making us fat. This is Einkorn, the original wheat…I thought I would make bread from it…we’ll see.

Gatineau - Testing the Pyrenees

Linda and I went to the SPCA in Gatineau to look at this Great Pyrenees but he was already spoken for. We also looked a few other dogs. We told them we were runners.

Gatineau - Testing the Plott hound Zeus

They told us they had the dog for us…and they showed us Zeus…a Plott Hound…we’d never heard of a Plott Hound.This is the state dog of North Carolina and is bred for bear hunting. We laughed and wondered what we’d do if he brought home a bear! We had to think about it.

Gatineau - misty on the pond

Off to Gatineau park to ponder this decision…misty lake with earthy scents.

Gatineau - Linda by the pond

Linda enjoying the feel of the misty air.

Carleton Place - Zeus meeting Puck

Needles to say, we have the dog…introducing him to Puck the cat…that’s been a different story.

Carleton Place - Zues is turning into Hector

He’s very handsome fellow. This Plott Hound is 3 years old and had issues with sitting or following any commands. He is well house trained and that is a great thing. But he’s not Zeus…we agonized about names. I like Shakespearian names for pets…Ophelia, Puck and now the fabulous Hector (from Trolius and Cressida). He is very full of beans and as runners we found he has good companion skills…he hasn’t run in front and tripped us yet.

Flying Zeus

He’s not an elegant walker, but when he runs he is incredibly fast! Those big floppy ears!

Carelton Place - Mississippi turning into winter

As the snow started on the Mississippi River in Carleton Place.

Upper Canada Village with Les and Sheila and Pierre and Linda

Great friends at Upper Canada Village…Winter in the Valley is next.