Wyoming meet up, the Eclipse, Yellowstone and Beartooth Adventures…

Wyoming and Montana Border with Tammie and Jim

We met up with our Las Vegas friends, Jim and Tammie at the Billings airport in Montana – always a good adventure with them!

Wyoming border with Tammie and Jim

After a quick catch-up at a local wing place we headed to Cody, Wyoming to meet up with more friends – Sandy and Tony.

Cody across the resvoir

The reservoir on the way to Sandy and Tony’s.

Cody Linda at the resevoir

As we drove to their house, we stopped to enjoy the spectacular view.

Cody view from Tony and Sandy

We arrived and parked the trailer in the driveway…Puck the cat would have had difficulty sleeping alone so we stayed in the trailer overnights for our five days visiting.

Cody the ranch

Cody the wagon at the ranch

A little walk around the property the next morning – Tony met up with the horses and showed us where his horse likes to be scratched.

Cody Tony with horse

We had a nice drive around to discover the South Fork and some local animals.

Cody Castle rock

Castle Rock.

Cody Sunflower field

The sunflower field.

Cody Sunflower and the mountain

Cody Sunflower and Tammie

Tammie at the sunflower field.

Cody Sunflower and Sandy

Sandy at the sunflower field.

Cody Sunflower and all of us

Then we went to look at some teepee rings.

Cody the Teepee ring

Cody the little lizard

Found this little guy checking us out from near a rock.

Cody the south fork photo

The south fork and posing for a selfie.

Cody the south fork

Cody a big buck

Cody and the Antelope runing

Cody the deer and fawns

Cody the horses

Monday was Total Solar Eclipse day! An early start as we wanted to beat the traffic to the best viewing spots. We headed to Shoshone, WY and met up with Jim’s sister Susan and her husband Bill. We set up an overabundant lunch and goofed around quite a bit.

Shoshoni all of us

Shoshoni Bill and Tony

Shoshoni Jim Tony and Pierre

Shoshoni - Suzan

Sheshone LInda with foil

Shoshoni the women

Shoshoni with Tammie

Shoshoni the men

There was a lot of hype around the eclipse with false information…we thought we’d contribute. We put on tin foil hats and our eclipse glasses.

Shoshoni the sun in eclipse

I posted a photo of a phone that someone had dropped into a fire, claiming eclipse damage.

Shoshoni the little indian

Shoshoni the traffic

The traffic leaving after the eclipse was very heavy.

On the way back we stopped at the hot springs of Thermopolis and spent a couple of hours in the pools.

Tuesday morning Mark the horseshoer arrived and the horses had their shoes replaced in preparation for the season.

Cody Mark finishing a shoe

Cody - Mark shoes a horse


Our group ready for the raft.

Cody Rafting group

In the afternoon we did a group three hour rafting down the Yellowstone river –

Cody Rafting Linda and Tony

Just beautiful! After that, back to Tony and Sandy’s for a fun pizza night with delicious pizza with some of Tony and Sandy’s family and friends.

On Wednesday we drove into Yellowstone while Jim played with the ATVs.

Cody Jim on ATV

Yellowstone NP Sandy Tammie Linda and Pierre

The park was beautiful but very busy with tourists.

Yellowstone Linda

Yellowstone fishing bridge

The fishing bridge where people aren’t allowed to fish any more.

Yellowstone - view from fishing bdrige

Yellowstone Fishing bridge Sandy and Tammie

Yellowstone a Bison

More bison in this park.

Yellowstone - mud pots Linda Sandy Tammie

Yellowstone - the camp robber

They called this a camp robber – a Grey Jay…it tried to steal popcorn.

Yellowstone - a river

Yellowstone Bison in dust

Yellowstone Bison

Yellowstone leaving four of us

On our way out posing for a selfie.

Yellowstone Linda at Chimney Rock

The fancy Chimney Rock.

Yellowstone Tammie at Chimney rock

Yellowstone - Bart Simpson rock

The above photo of a rock formation looks a bit like Bart Simpson.

When we returned we went into town and had a nice dinner at Adrianno’s then a drink at Buffalo Bill’s Irma hotel.

Cody the Irma

Off to the Cody Rodeo that evening, first rodeo for both of us.

Very family-focused and lots of fun.

Cody SandT with Jima nd Tammie

Thursday morning we played with the ATVs on an awesome track that Tony made for his grandkids.

Cody Jim and Tammie on ATV

Cody Jim and Tamme ATV smile

Cody Linda on ATV

Then got fishing licenses and drove to the Cabin near the  Beartooth Highway.  We drove to the Top of the World then over to Cook City and the Miner’s Saloon for dinner.

Cabin bridge photo

Cabin Bridge and chasm

Cabin Bridge and trailer

Beartooth group

Beartooth Linda and Pierre selfie

Cook city Miners Saloon

Friday was a wonderful day-long hike to Beauty Lake and some fishing along the way. We stopped at Night Lake on the return and I caught my first retirement fish! A nice campfire that evening at the Cabin with again a delicious dinner.

Beartooth Hike

Beartooth hike with Tony and Sandy Linda

Beartooth hike fishing

Beartooth hike fishing pierre

Pierre fishing…

Beartooth hike Linda fishing

Linda playing…

Beartooth Pierre fish Night Lake

Oh my…the first fish of retirement!

Saturday was leaving day…sadly…saying goodby and hoping to return some day.

Beartooth the trailer at the begining

We were apprehensive about driving the 4Runner and the Escape trailer over the narrow roads and turns on the Beartooth Highway. Why not, we gave it a shot and both performed well even though we slowed quite a bit on the steep grades. The downhill was fairly good as well, though when we looked down from the top and saw the switchback turns it looked daunting.

Beartooth Highway looking down

We stopped and had lunch in Red Lodge and forged on to the Billings KOA for the night…we thought a nice dinner out would be nice…but the sleep monster arrived…

Billings KOA grown

Getting ready for our next adventure…return to Canada.