Quartzsite again and off to Las Vegas…not the regular way.

After Borrego Springs we wanted to go to Las Vegas, but then we don’t like to drive for that many hours, so we stopped temporarily at Quartzsite, AZ on the way up…

This catch up post is to February 7th…

At the campsite we saw the GoodYear Blimp.

Quartzsite - the Goodyear blimp

Quartzsite - Escape with the blimp

Above our trailer.

Quartzsite - Pierre with dinner

It did not stop Pierre from eating.

Quartzsite - Fiberglass RV bunch

We had also heard about the fiberglass trailer get together at Quartzsite and we visited but decided it was too crowed for us to stay there this time.

Quartzsite - Yet another sunset

The beautiful Arizona Sunset.

Las Vegas the Red Rock campground

To Las Vegas and the Red Rock Campground. This has no services but it does have pit toilets so staying long does not involve filling our black tank.

Las Vegas Liberty Arch Trail

We met up with Jim and Tammie and they took us to the Liberty Bell Arch Trail.

Las Vegas - Arizona desert Liberty Arch Trail

There is an abandoned mine in the area (filled in) and above is one of the objects from the mine.

Las Vegas - Arizona Liberty Arch trail hawk

I became distracted when the hawk hovered overhead.


Las Vegas - Linda and Tammie at the mine

Linda and Tammie found a small section of the mine that had not been filled in.


Las Vegas LIberty Bell Arch Linda

Linda near the beginning of the trail.

Las Vegas - Arizona Liberty bell arch

Our first real view of the arch.

Las Vegas - Liberty Bell Arch view

The natural arch resembles the Liberty Bell including the clapper.

Las Vegas - LBA Linda

Once past the arch there is a steep climb to a vista point where the Colorado River looks beautiful.

Las Vegas - Top of Liberty Bell Panorama

The panorama does no justice to the view…we could even see where the trail led to the Arizona Hot springs…we’d done that hike a few years ago.

Las Vegas - LBA trail big rock

I found this conglomerate rock intriguing.

Las Vegas - LBA birdges

The two bridges…natural and man made.

Las Vegas - Wayne Newton

That night we were treated to Wayne Newton, Mr. Las Vegas…The show was great!

More hiking to come.