Red Rock…Chinese New Year… and the Ducky trail…

More catch up to February 12th…

It was almost time for Chinese New Year – the Year of the Dog.

Las Vegas - Wynn year of the dog

At the Wynn in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas - Wynn merry go round

A nice carousel made of flowers.

Las Vegas - In Love

In Love of course…couldn’t resist.

The Bellagio has the most notable flower displays.

Las Vegas Bellagio - boy with 2 dogs

Las Vegas Bellagio - money tree

Las Vegas Bellagio big dog and boy

Las Vegas Bellagio fountain

Las Vegas Bellagio more flowers

Las Vegas Bellagio - 4 of us

With Pierre, Linda and the awesome Tammie and Jim…they were kind enough to show us all these wonderful places and lead wonderful hikes.

Las Vegas - Turtle peak from the bottom

Red Rock’s Turtlehead Peak Trail.

Las Vegas - Linda and Tammie with the climbed Turtlehead Peak

Linda and Tammie below with Turtlehead Peak in the back…yes we climbed it.

Las Vegas - LandP Turtlehead Peak

Shameless selfie on the summit.

Las Vegas - Red Rock Turtle Head Peak Las Vegas view

Not many people see Las Vegas from here.

Las Vegas - Turtlehead Peak with Tamme and Jim

Tammie and Jim at the summit. They climb this peak once a year every year and we were fortunate enough to get to hike along this time.

Las Vegas - view from Turtlehead peak

We could see our campground from the top.

Las Vegas - Panorama from Turtlehead peak

Panorama from the top.

Las Vegas - Red Rock from the top of Turtle Peak

Different panorama.

Las Vegas - Red Rock Turtle Head Peak climbing down

On our way down..we realized we’re pretty high up.

Las Vegas - Red Rock Turtle Head Peak lind on the way down

Linda on the scary part.

Las Vegas - Red Rock Turtle Head Peak LInda

Linda on the calmer part…I can’t tell the difference.

Las Vegas - View of Las Vegas from Turtlehead peak

A view of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas - Red Rock Red Cap

Red Cap is another great trail..I had done it a few years ago and it was lots of fun…we’ll do it again some day.

Las Vegas - Red Rock Burro

On the way home that night we saw these wild burrows.

Las Vegas - Late night rock

The next day was for Late Night Trailhead and the Cottonwood Valley.

Las Vegas - Late night trail sculpture

Nice sculptures by the side of the road.

Las Vegas - Late Night Trail pigduck

The beginning of the trail included this pigduck.

Las Vegas - Late Night trail

We started to see the Rubber Ducky Trail first it was there so that mountain bikers would not get clipped by the Joshua Tree and they would remember to duck.

Las Vegas - Rubber Ducky tree alone

It is after all a single track bike trail as well…but the tree and the ornaments grew to this.

Las Vegas - Rubber ducky tree

The four of us by the tree.

Las Vegas - Late night trail panorama

A view of the Cottonwood valley.

Las Vegas - Late Night trail colour of mountains

We loved the colours in these mountains….time to get ready for the next day’s hike.

Las Vegas - Cowboy Caves a view of climb

This is the cliff up to Cowboy Caves Trail.

Las Vegas - Cowboy caves linda on the cliff

Linda on a ledge…this stuff was not fun to climb as it crumbled.

Las Vegas - Cowboy Caves Linda in the cave

Inside the cave. This photo didn’t show all the graffiti … lot of it and many vagrants have used it in the past…now not so much.

Las Vegas - Cowboy cave

The exit from the cave. We were lucky that the sun was at the right angle and we had beautiful light along with our flashlights.

Las Vegas - Cowboy Caves fosil fish

Tammie told us that on a previous hiking trip, an archeologist told her that this was a fossilized fish. Though hard to see in the photo…it looked very convincing as there were lots of seashell fossils in the area.

Las Vegas Cowboy caves Linda and Tammie

Tammie and Linda heading down the valley back to the car.

Las Vegas - Red Rock Orange Sunset

Las Vegas - Red Rock Purple sunset

I couldn’t decide which photo I liked better…you?

Off to Yuma next…