Preparing for the journey…

As we prepare to head out…today the cat!

Puck, our cat, has been an indoor cat for some time and now has to get a certificate for travel across borders. So off to North Heritage Animal Hospital in Owen Sound.

Sign NHA and Puck

How does he know?

That is the unimpressed look of an unhappy cat. Once home he hid for about six hours and is still a little off…we’re holding off on the flea and tick medication…now done.

Next came packing… and the bicycles…

Packing for the trailer was challenging.

Packing the truck

Linda has bought a beautiful blue bicycle from Bikeface in Owen Sound and needed a hitch bar as well as a water bottle holder and I needed new brakes. So off we went … rushing to get all this done before we left. Then after all that packing, attaching them to the truck.

Bikes on the truk

We started our journey to the Chi-Cheemaun at 4:30am…for a 7:00am boarding…we pulled in as scheduled at 6 and waited in line for ship to eat all the cars.

Chicheemaun ready to eat

That was all so much fun…but it made me hungry so we stopped at High Falls…yes, it’s true that’s the name. You don’t see it until you get there, but it’s a pretty falls.

High Falls on Manitoulin

Once we’ve settled into the quaint cabin in Serpent River Campground with Linda on a swing and Puck still a little jittery inside.

Serpent River Cabin with Linda and Puck

Looking forward to some fishing and our next day’s travels…